Freelance client, Model Three in Python

Freelance client - Model 3

Uses flcliapi class to encapsulate Freelance pattern

Author : Min RK <moc.liamg|krnimajneb#moc.liamg|krnimajneb>

import time

from flcliapi import FreelanceClient

def main():
# Create new freelance client object
client = FreelanceClient()

# Connect to several endpoints
client.connect ("tcp://localhost:5555")
client.connect ("tcp://localhost:5556")
client.connect ("tcp://localhost:5557")

# Send a bunch of name resolution 'requests', measure time
requests = 10000
start = time.time()
for i in range(requests):
request = ["random name"]
reply = client.request(request)
if not reply:
print "E: name service not available, aborting"

print "Average round trip cost: %d usec" % (1e6*(time.time() - start) / requests)

if __name__ == '__main__':