Parallel task ventilator in CL

;;; -*- Mode:Lisp; Syntax:ANSI-Common-Lisp; -*-
;;; Task ventilator in Common Lisp
;;; Binds PUSH socket to tcp://localhost:5557
;;; Sends batch of tasks to workers via that socket
;;; Kamil Shakirov <moc.liamg|08slimak#moc.liamg|08slimak>

(defpackage #:zguide.taskvent
(:nicknames #:taskvent)
(:use #:cl #:zhelpers)
(:export #:main))

(in-package :zguide.taskvent)

(defun main ()
(zmq:with-context (context 1)
;; Socket to send messages on
(zmq:with-socket (sender context zmq:push)
(zmq:bind sender "tcp://*:5557")

(message "Press Enter when the workers are ready: ")
(message "Sending tasks to workers…~%")

;; The first message is "0" and signals start of batch
(let ((msg (make-instance 'zmq:msg :data "0")))
(zmq:send sender msg))

;; Send 100 tasks
(let ((total-msec 0))
(loop :repeat 100 :do
;; Random workload from 1 to 100 msecs
(let ((workload (within 100)))
(incf total-msec workload)
(let ((msg (make-instance 'zmq:msg
:data (format nil "~D" workload))))
(zmq:send sender msg))))

(message "Total expected cost: ~D msec~%" total-msec)
;; Give 0MQ time to deliver
(sleep 1))))