Pub-Sub envelope publisher in F#

Pubsub envelope publisher
Note that the zhelpers.fs file also provides s_sendmore

#r @"bin/fszmq.dll"
open fszmq
open fszmq.Context
open fszmq.Socket

#load "zhelpers.fs"

let main () =
// prepare our context and publisher
use context = new Context(1)
use publisher = pub context
"tcp://*:5563" |> bind publisher

while true do
// write two messages, each with an envelope and content
"A" |> s_sendmore publisher
"We don't want to see this" |> s_send publisher
"B" |> s_sendmore publisher
"We would like to see this" |> s_send publisher
sleep 1

// we never get here but clean up anyhow

main ()