Weather update proxy in Erlang

#! /usr/bin/env escript
%% Weather proxy device

main(_) ->
{ok, Context} = erlzmq:context(),

%% This is where the weather server sits
{ok, Frontend} = erlzmq:socket(Context, sub),
ok = erlzmq:connect(Frontend, "tcp://localhost:5556"),

%% This is our public endpoint for subscribers
{ok, Backend} = erlzmq:socket(Context, pub),
ok = erlzmq:bind(Backend, "tcp://*:8100"),

%% Subscribe on everything
ok = erlzmq:setsockopt(Frontend, subscribe, @<>@),

%% Shunt messages out to our own subscribers
loop(Frontend, Backend),

%% We don't actually get here but if we did, we'd shut down neatly
ok = erlzmq:close(Frontend),
ok = erlzmq:close(Backend),
ok = erlzmq:term(Context).

loop(Frontend, Backend) ->
{ok, Msg} = erlzmq:recv(Frontend),
case erlzmq:getsockopt(Frontend, rcvmore) of
{ok, true} -> erlzmq:send(Backend, Msg, [sndmore]);
{ok, false} -> erlzmq:send(Backend, Msg)
loop(Frontend, Backend).