ROUTER-to-REP in C++

// Custom routing Router to Papa (ROUTER to REP)
// Olivier Chamoux <moc.puorgselaht.rf|xuomahc.reivilo#moc.puorgselaht.rf|xuomahc.reivilo>

#include "zhelpers.hpp"

// We will do this all in one thread to emphasize the sequence
// of events…

int main () {
zmq::context_t context(1);

zmq::socket_t client (context, ZMQ_ROUTER);

zmq::socket_t worker (context, ZMQ_REP);
worker.setsockopt(ZMQ_IDENTITY, "A", 1);

// Wait for sockets to stabilize
sleep (1);

// Send papa address, address stack, empty part, and request
s_sendmore (client, "A");
s_sendmore (client, "address 3");
s_sendmore (client, "address 2");
s_sendmore (client, "address 1");
s_sendmore (client, "");
s_send (client, "This is the workload");

// Worker should get just the workload
s_dump (worker);

// We don't play with envelopes in the worker
s_send (worker, "This is the reply");

// Now dump what we got off the ROUTER socket…
s_dump (client);

return 0;