Parallel task ventilator in Clojure

(ns taskvent
(:refer-clojure :exclude [send])
(:require [zhelpers :as mq])
(:import [java.util Random]))

;; Task ventilator
;; Binds PUSH socket to tcp://localhost:5557
;; Sends batch of tasks to workers via that socket
;; Isaiah Peng <moc.liamg|airassi#moc.liamg|airassi>

(defn -main []
;; Socket to send messages on
[cxt (mq/context 1)
sender (mq/socket cxt mq/push)
;; Socket to send messages on
sink (mq/socket cxt mq/push)
srandom (Random. (System/currentTimeMillis))
;; Total expected cost in msecs
total-msec (atom 0)]
(mq/bind sender "tcp://*:5557")
(mq/connect sink "tcp://localhost:5558")
(println "Press Enter when the workers are ready: ")
(println "Sending tasks to workers…\n")
;; The first message is "0" and signals start of batch
(mq/send sink "0\u0000")
(dotimes [i 100]
(let [workload (-> srandom (.nextInt 100) (+ 1))
string (format "%d\u0000" workload)]
(swap! total-msec #(+ % workload))
(println (str workload "."))
(mq/send sender string)))
(println (str "Total expected cost: " @total-msec " msec"))
(.close sink)
(.close sender)
(.term cxt)
;; Give 0MQ time to deliver
(Thread/sleep 1000)))