Listing 9 in C

// Receive 0MQ string from socket and convert into C string
static char *
s_recv (void *socket) {
zmq_msg_t message;
zmq_msg_init (&message);
int size = zmq_msg_recv (&message, socket, 0);
if (size == -1)
return NULL;
char *string = malloc (size + 1);
memcpy (string, zmq_msg_data (&message), size);
zmq_msg_close (&message);
string [size] = 0;
return (string);

// Convert C string to 0MQ string and send to socket
static int
s_send (void *socket, char *string) {
zmq_msg_t message;
zmq_msg_init_size (&message, strlen (string));
memcpy (zmq_msg_data (&message), string, strlen (string));
int size = zmq_msg_send (&message, socket, 0);
zmq_msg_close (&message);
return (size);